Since our initial launch in the summer of 2011, Luckie Losers has formed a community of followers who believe that if you have a dream, nothing is going to stand in the way of our passion and drive for making those dreams a reality.

Luckie Losers apparel is inspired by our everyday life, what we see and what we have experienced. People ask why would we want to be called a Loser? Well, growing up in a small town and being a minority, we were often called Losers and told we were going to fail unless we were a rapper or athlete and if we did somehow make it, we were considered Lucky. So this is why we are so proud to say that we are Luckie Losers, because we represent those who were stereotyped and discriminated against because of their cultural differences, financial status, and/or personal beliefs, but used it as motivation to pursue their dreams and create their own lane to success. We stand behind the belief that we control whether or not we reach the heights that we want to reach and not what society tells us we can.

More than just a clothing line, Luckie Losers is a lifestyle that reflects our community, beliefs, and passion that we would like to share with the world because in our eyes we are not losers, we are The New Definition of Winning!